Research Project Reports

Deepening East Asian Economic Integration

By Jenny Corbett, So Umezaki (Eds.)

ERIA Research Project Report 2008-1

Posted: March 2009

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Table of Contents, List of Project Members, Executive Summary

CHAPTER 1. Deepening Economic Integration in East Asia:

CHAPTER 2. Services Liberalization toward the ASEAN Economic Community

CHAPTER 3. Trade Facilitation

CHAPTER 4. Investment Climate Study on ASEAN Member Countries

CHAPTER 5. Background Data for Constructing Quantitative Measures

Table 1. Medical professionals

Table 2. Health services

Table 3. Banking services

Table 4. Insurance services

Table 5. Trade facilitation

Table 6. FDI policy

CHAPTER 6. Firm-level Analysis of Globalization: A Survey

CHAPTER 7. Gains from Fragmentation at the Firm Level:Evidence from Japanese Multinationals in East Asia

CHAPTER 8. Learning-by-exporting in Korean Manufacturing:A Plant-level Analysis

CHAPTER 9. Vertical and Horizontal FDI Technology Spillovers:Evidence from Thai Manufacturing

CHAPTER 10. Plant Entry in a More Liberalised Industrialisation Process:An Experience of Indonesian Manufacturing during the 1990s

CHAPTER 11. Maximizing Benefits from FTAs in ASEAN

CHAPTER 12. A Survey of Micro-data Analyses in Indonesia

CHAPTER 13. A Survey of Micro-data Analyses in Vietnam:Assessment of FDI Spillover Effects

CHAPTER 14. A Survey of Micro-data Analyses in Australia

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