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Formulating Policy Options for Promoting Natural Gas Utilization in the East Asia Summit Region Volume I: Demand Side Analysis

Edited by The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

ERIA Research Project Report 2016-07a

Posted: January 2018


There is an increasing interest in understanding the demand potential of natural gas and its implication in the East Asia Summit region. This ERIA study was proposed by Japan at the 10th East Asia Summit Energy Ministers Meeting in 2016. Comprising two volumes, this report focuses on ASEAN and India markets and aims at understanding the future natural gas demand and estimating the size of the market on the demand side, and correspondingly deriving the necessary investment in infrastructure on the supply side. From both sides, the challenges and policy options are drawn.

This volume, dedicated to the demand side analysis, asserts that various policies are needed to maximize demand potential. These include clear policy indications for promoting use of natural gas, enhancing economic competitiveness of natural gas, support for developing supply infrastructure and institutional and capacity building

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Executive Summary

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Assumptions and Result

Chapter 3. Potential Demand for Natural Gas by Country

Chapter 4. Policy Recommendations

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