Research Project Reports

Building a Collaboration Network towards the Social Acceptance of Nuclear and Coal Power in East Asia

Edited by Tomoko Murakami

ERIA Research Project Report 2015-19

Posted: March 2017


This project aims to build a collaboration network towards the social acceptance of nuclear and coal power in East Asia. Some ASEAN countries are introducing or planning to introduce nuclear/coal power plants due to the high growth in energy demand. However, public concern on the safety and environmental impact of these plants makes it difficult for these countries to proceed with development plans. Based on recognition of such issues, two international symposiums on nuclear and coal were held in Japan and in Thailand, respectively. The symposiums discussed the role of nuclear/coal power in the world and in East Asia, and how to promote its social acceptance.

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Executive Summary

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Social Acceptance of Nuclear Power

Chapter 3 Social Acceptance of Coal Power

Chapter 4 Conclusions and Policy Implications

Appendix 1 Summary of the International Nuclear Energy Symposium in Tokyo

Appendix 2 Summary of the International Nuclear Energy Symposium in the Future

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