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Study on the Advancement of the Energy Management System in the East Asia Summit Region

Edited by Yasushi Iida, Inoue Shota, and Yanfei Li

ERIA Research Project Report 2015-17

Posted: February 2017


This study aims to (i) analyse the potential for deploying advanced energy management system (EMS) in the East Asia Summit region, especially focusing on ASEAN countries; and (ii) propose, upon identifying the policy challenges common in the region, policy recommendations to promote EMS. The study was conducted for 2 years, and this report deals with the results of the second-year sturdy which focused on the applicability of EMS for factories. It is meant to complement the first-year study report (ERIA Research Project FY2014 No.39, published in September 2015) on EMS for office buildings. It likewise proposes a set of policy recommendations promoting the deployment of EMS in the ASEAN region.

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List of Abbreviations

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Deployment of Energy Management System Technologies

Chapter 3 Exploring Energy-Saving Potential for Industrial Sector Using Factory Energy Management System

Chapter 4 Case Study of Energy Managment System Deplyoment for Office Buildings

Chapter 5 Policy Measures for Promoting the Deployment of Energy Management System


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