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Building Guidelines and a Cooperative Framework in East Asian Countries for Radioactive Emergencies

By Tomoko Murakami

ERIA Research Project Report 2014-37

Posted: February 2016

Executive Summary

Main Argument

Several ASEAN member countries plan to introduce commercial nuclear reactors in the 2020s in order to meet their rapidly growing demand for energy. In the 1st Working Group meeting, the current development plan of nuclear energy, as well as the safety regulatory systems, emergency preparedness, and participation in international activities, was shared among ASEAN member countries. Taking into account the comments and recommendations from member countries in the 2nd Working Group meeting, together with the lessons learned from European countries, a draft outline of the guidelines for regional collaboration between East Asian countries in the case of a radioactive emergency was discussed. The major findings were as follows:

Policy Implications

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Executive Summary

Chapter 1. Purpose of the Project

Chapter 2. Country Reviews in Asia

Chapter 3. Regional Collaborative Activities in European Countries

Chapter 4. Building an "East Asian Manual" and the Way Forward


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