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Innovation, Technology Transfers, Finance, and Internationalization of SMEs' Trade and Investment Policy Best Practices for ASEAN and East Asia

By Sothea Oum, Patarapong Intarakumnerd, George Abonyi, and Shigeo Kagami

ERIA Research Project Report 2013-14

Posted: March 2015


The ASEAN Policy Index study revealed that a lot is to be done to towards adopting best practices in each policy area of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These policy area are (1) institutional framework; (2) access to support services; (3) cheaper and faster start-up and better legislation and regulation for SMEs; (4) access to finance; (5) technology and technology transfer; (6) international market expansion; (7) promotion of entrepreneurial education; and (8) more effective representation of SMEs' interests. The most significant gaps and low regional standing are on policies to promote technology development and transfer; access to finance; entrepreneurial education; cheaper, faster start-up and better regulations; and access to support services. This study aims to hasten the narrowing of these policy gaps and formulating a regional strategy to boost SME participation in trade and investment in ASEAN and East Asia. It documents policy best practices in these areas which are critical in fostering regional SMEs' policy cooperation and in providing practical policy implementation. The Study was conducted by the Economic and Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia.

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Chapter 1. Best Policy Practices in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Innovation and Technology Transfers for ASEAN and East Asia

Chapter 2. Best Policy Practices for Internationalization of SMEs' Trade and Investment for ASEAN and East Asia

Chapter 3. Innovation and University Entrepreneurship: Challenges facing Japan Today

Appendix Policy Matrix: General Best Practices for SME Internationalization for ASEAN and East Asia

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