Research Project Reports

3R Policies for Southeast and East Asia

By Michikazu Kojima, Enri Damanhuri (Eds.)

ERIA Research Project Report 2008-6-1

Posted: March 2009

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Contents of the Report

Member of Working Group

Executive Summary and Policy Recommendation

Chapter 1 Development of the Policy Concepts for Eco-Efficient Industrial Activities: 3Rs, Zero Emissions, Eco-industrial Parks, and Others

Chapter 2 Current Situation on Waste Recycling in Indonesia

Chapter 3 Recycling Systems in Malaysia: Case studies on Industrial Waste

Chapter 4 An Overview of 3Rs in Singapore

Chapter 5 Promoting Recycling Industries as a Part of Industrial Policy in Japan

Chapter 6 3R Policy and Related Activities in Thailand

Chapter 7 Cleaner Production and the Necessity of Promoting Recycling Industry in Vietnam

Chapter 8 Study on 3R Policy and Waste Exchange in the Philippines

Chapter 9 Industrial Waste Information Exchange and related Activities in Thailand

Chapter 10 Industrial Waste Information Exchange Program in Japan

Chapter 11 Synthesis on Industrial Waste Information Exchange Program

Appendix Mapping Document on 3R-related Regulation, Ministries and Programs

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