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The Economic Consequences of Shifting Away From Nuclear Energy

By Ken Itakura

ERIA Policy Brief 2011-04

Posted: December, 2011

Links with East Asia for a recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake: Geographical Simulation Analysis

By Ikumo Isono, Fukunari Kimura

ERIA Policy Brief 2011-03

Posted: August, 2011

China's Ties with Southeast Asia : From Green Shoots to Sustained Recovery

By Kensuke Tanaka

ERIA Policy Brief 2011-02

Posted: January, 2011

Fragmentation and Changes in the Asian Trade Network

By Norihiko Yamano, Bo Meng, Kiichiro Fukasaku

ERIA Policy Brief 2011-01

Posted: January, 2011

Comprehensive Asia Development Plan and Beyond -Growth Strategies for More Prosperous and Equitable East Asia-

By Takeshi Fujimoto, Shochiro Hara, Fukunari Kimura

ERIA Policy Brief 2010-02

Posted: October, 2010

Deepening East Asian Economic Integration in Services

By Philippa Dee

ERIA Policy Brief 2010-01

Posted: October, 2010

Trade Facilitation in the ASEAN Economic Community

By Christopher Findlay

ERIA Policy Brief 2009-06

Posted: November, 2009

Is Promoting Foreign Direct Investment Worthwhile? Learning from the East Asian Experience

By Dionisius NARJOKO

ERIA Policy Brief 2009-05

Posted: November, 2009

Global Financial Crisis and Policy Responses in Southeast Asia : Towards Prudent Macroeconomic Policies

By Friska Parulian

ERIA Policy Brief 2009-04

Posted: July, 2009

A lot of Reasons Why We Should Invest More in East Asia


ERIA Policy Brief 2009-03

Posted: April, 2009

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