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Power Grid Interconnections in East Asia: Investment in Several Key Projects Are Well Justified

By Yanfei Li

ERIA Policy Brief 2016-01

Posted: January, 2016

ASEAN PPP: From Institutional Development to Streamlined Implementation

By Norihiro Kawasaki

ERIA Policy Brief 2015-03

Posted: December, 2015

Non-Tariff Measures: Not All that Bad

By Olivier Cadot and Lili Yan Ing

ERIA Policy Brief 2015-02

Posted: October, 2015

Transmission Channels of Economic Shocks in ASEAN

By Ruperto Majuca and Jesson Pagaduan

ERIA Policy Brief 2015-01

Posted: March, 2015

Financial Integration Challenges in ASEAN Beyond 2015

By Maria Monica Wihardja

ERIA Policy Brief 2014-08

Posted: August, 2014

Delivering Results in Standards and Conformance in ASEAN: the Critical Roles of Institutional Strenghthening and the Private Sector

By Simon Pettman

ERIA Policy Brief 2014-07

Posted: August, 2014

Stimulating Innovation in ASEAN Institutional Support, R&D Activity and Intellectual Property Rights

By Rajah Rasiah

ERIA Policy Brief 2014-06

Posted: August, 2014

ASEAN Beyond 2015: The Imperatives for Further Institutional Changes

By Rizal Sukma

ERIA Policy Brief 2014-05

Posted: August, 2014

The ASEAN Single Aviation Market: Liberalizing the Airline Industry

By Alan Khee-Jin Than

ERIA Policy Brief 2014-04

Posted: June, 2014

ASEAN Food Security: Towards a More Comprehensive Framework

By Barry Desker, Mely Caballero-Anthony and Paul Teng

ERIA Policy Brief 2014-03

Posted: May, 2014

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