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The Trade Effects of Border Controls: Evidence from the European Schengen Agreement

By: Gabriel Felbermayr, Jasmin Gröschl and Thomas Steinwachs

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-36

Posted: March, 2017

"Just Do Your Job": Obedience, Routine Tasks, and the Pattern of Specialization

By: Filipe R. Campante and Davin Chor

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-35

Posted: March, 2017

East Asia Update - February 2017

By: Lili Yan Ing and Jaysa Rafi Prana

Posted: March, 2017

The Internationalisation of Firms and Management Practices:
A Survey of Firms in Viet Nam

By: Isao Kamata, Hitoshi Sato and Kiyoyasu Tanaka

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-34

Posted: March, 2017

Development of the Eco Town Model in the ASEAN Region through Adoption of Energy-Efficient Building Technologies, Sustainable Transport, and Smart Grids

Edited by: Shigeru Kimura, Romeo Pacudan, and Han Phoumin

ERIA Research Project Report 2015-20

Posted: March, 2017

The Automotive Value Chain in Thailand

By: Ikuo Kuroiwa

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-33

Posted: March, 2017

Building a Collaboration Network towards the Social Acceptance of Nuclear and Coal Power in East Asia

Edited by: Tomoko Murakami

ERIA Research Project Report 2015-19

Posted: March, 2017

Study on Electricity Supply Mix and Role of Policy in ASEAN

Edited by: Emiri Yokota and Ichiro Kutani

ERIA Research Project Report 2015-18

Posted: March, 2017

ERIA official newsletter "ERIA FRAMES" (February 2017 Issue) released


ERIA Newsletter 2017-02

Posted: March, 2017

Formation of Automotive Manufacturing Clusters in Thailand

By: Ikuo Kuroiwa and Kriengkrai Techakanont

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-32

Posted: February, 2017

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