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Servicification in Global Value Chains:
The Case of Asian Countries

By: Shandre Mugan Thangavelu, Wang Wenxiao, Sothea Oum

ERIA Discussion Paper 2017-12

Posted: November, 2017

East Asia Updates - October 2017

By: Lili Yan Ing and Jaysa Rafi Prana

Posted: November, 2017

Transparency in Non-tariff Measures:
An International Comparison

By: Lili Yan Ing, Olivier Cadot and Janine Walz

ERIA Policy Brief 2017-06

Posted: November, 2017

ASEAN: Regional Integration and Reforms

By: Mari Pangestu and Lili Yan Ing

ERIA Policy Brief 2017-05

Posted: November, 2017

How Restrictive Are ASEAN's Rules of Origins?

By: Olivier Cadot and Lili Yan Ing

ERIA Policy Brief 2017-04

Posted: November, 2017

Streamlining NTMs in ASEAN: The Way Forward

By: Olivier Cadot, Ernawati Munadi and Lili Yan Ing

ERIA Policy Brief 2017-03

Posted: November, 2017

ERIA FRAMES: ASEAN@50 Edition (November 2017 Issue) released


ERIA Newsletter 2017-10

Posted: November, 2017

Creating Better Social Acceptance for Electric Power Infrastructure

Edited by: Tomoko Murakami

Posted: October, 2017

Developing Asia in the Era of Cross-border E-commerce

By: Lurong Chen

ERIA Discussion Paper 2017-11

Posted: October, 2017

The Risks for ASEAN of New Mega-Agreements that Promote the Wrong Model of e-Commerce

By: Jane Kelsey

ERIA Discussion Paper 2017-10

Posted: October, 2017

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