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Globalization and Performance of Small and Large Firms

By: Chin Hee Hahn and Dionisius A. Narjoko

ERIA Research Project Report 2013-3

Posted: May, 2016

Misallocation and Productivity: The Case of Vietnamese Manufacturing

By: Doan Thi Thanh Ha, Kozo Kiyota and Kenta Yamanouchi

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-19

Posted: May, 2016

Food Supply Chain Disruption due to Natural Disasters: Entities, Risks, and Strategies for Resilience

By: Vangimalla R. Reddy, Shardendu K. Singh and Venkatachalam Anbumozhi

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-18

Posted: May, 2016

Publications Catalogue 2016


ERIA Publications Catalogue

Posted: May, 2016

Non-Tariff Measures in ASEAN

Edited by: Lili Yan Ing, Santiago Fernandez de Cordoba, and Olivier Cadot

Posted: April, 2016

Measuring Tax Administration Effectiveness and its Impact on Tax Revenue

By: Arindam Das-Gupta, Gemma B. Estrada, Donghyun Park

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-17

Posted: April, 2016

TPP, IPR Protection, and Their Implications for Emerging Asian Economies

By: Fukunari Kimura, Lurong Chen, Maura Ada Iliuteanu, Shimpei Yamamoto and Masahito Ambashi

ERIA Policy Brief 2016-02

Posted: April, 2016

Financing Renewable Energy Development in East Asia Summit Countries
A Primer of Effective Policy Instruments

By: Shigeru Kimura, Youngho Chang, and Yanfei Li

ERIA Research Project Report 2014-27

Posted: April, 2016

ERIA official newsletter "ERIA FRAMES" (March 2016 Issue) released


ERIA Newsletter 2016-02

Posted: April, 2016

Advancing the Energy Management System in the East Asia Summit Region

By: Yanfei Li

ERIA Research Project Report 2014-39

Posted: March, 2016

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