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Selecting the Best Mix of Renewable and Conventional Energy Sources for Asian Communities

By: Yuki Kudoh and Venkatachalam Anbumozhi

ERIA Research Project Report 2014-26

Posted: September, 2015

ASEAN: Regional Integration and Reforms

By: Mari Pangestu and Lili Yan Ing

ERIA Discussion Paper 2015-69

Posted: September, 2015

Spatial Patterns of Manufacturing Agglomeration in Cambodia, Lao People's Democratic Republic, and Thailand

By: Toshitaka Gokan, Ikuo Kuroiwa, Nuttawut Laksanapanyakul and Yasushi Ueki

ERIA Discussion Paper 2015-68

Posted: September, 2015

Policy Effects on Total System Energy Efficiency: Comparisons of Advanced and Developing Economies in the EAS region

By: Phoumin Han and Venkatachalam Anbumozhi

ERIA Discussion Paper 2015-67

Posted: September, 2015

Can Thinking Green and Sustainability be an Economic Opportunity for ASEAN?

By: Venkatachalam Anbumozhi and Ponciano S. Intal, Jr.

ERIA Discussion Paper 2015-66

Posted: September, 2015

Sustainable Development of Natural Gas Market in East Asia Summit Region

By: Ichiro Kutani and Yanfei Li

ERIA Research Project Report 2014-31

Posted: September, 2015

Framing the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC) Post 2015: Quality and Equity Issues in Investing in Basic Education in ASEAN

By: Tereso S. Tullao, Jr., Miguel Roberto Borromeo, and Christopher James Cabuay

ERIA Discussion Paper 2015-65

Posted: September, 2015

Renewable Energy Policies and the Solar Home System in Cambodia

By: Han Phoumin

ERIA Discussion Paper 2015-64

Posted: September, 2015

Energy Outlook and Energy Saving Potential in East Asia

By: Shigeru Kimura and Han Phoumin

ERIA Research Project Report 2014-33

Posted: September, 2015

Addressing Poverty and Vulnerability in ASEAN: An Analysis of Measures and Implications Going Forward

By: Sudarno Sumarto and Sarah Moselle

ERIA Discussion Paper 2015-63

Posted: September, 2015

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