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ASEAN SME Policy Index 2014 Towards Competitive and Innovative ASEAN SMEs

By ERIA SME Research Working Group

Posted: June, 2014

The Road to Bali: ERIA Perspectives on the WTO Ministerial and Asian Integration

By Yoshifumi Fukunaga, John Riady, Pierre Sauvé

Posted: November, 2013

Mid-Term Review of the Implementation of AEC Blueprint: Executive Summary

By Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia

Posted: October, 2012

ASEAN - India Connectivity: The Comprehensive Asia Development Plan, Phase II

By Fukunari Kimura and So Umezaki (Eds.)

Posted: December, 2011

Agricultural Development, Trade and Regional Cooperation in Developing East Asia

By Ponciano S. Intal Jr., Sothea Oum, and Mercy J.O. Simorangkir (Eds.)

Posted: September, 2011

ASEAN Strategic Transport Plan (ASTP) 2011-2015

By ERIA Study Team, ASEAN Secretariat and STOM Expert Group Members

Posted: October, 2010

EAS-ERIA Biodiesel Fuel Trade Handbook: 2010

By Shinichi Goto, Mitsuharu Oguma, and Nuwong Chollacoop (Eds.)

Posted: July, 2010

The Comprehensive Asia Development Plan


Posted: October, 2010

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