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Asia-Europe Connectivity Vision 2025: Challenges and Opportunities

Edited by Anita Prakash

Posted: July, 2016

Lao PDR at the Crossroads: Industrial Development Strategies 2016-2030

By Hidetoshi Nishimura, Fukunari Kimura, Masahito Ambashi and Souknilanh Keola

Posted: June, 2016

Non-Tariff Measures in ASEAN

Edited by Lili Yan Ing, Santiago Fernandez de Cordoba, and Olivier Cadot

Posted: April, 2016

The Development Potential of the Content Industry in East Asia and the ASEAN Region (Phase 2)

By Sirisak Koshpasharin and Kensuke Yasue

Posted: January, 2016

The Comprehensive Asian Development Plan 2.0 (CADP 2.0): Infrastructure for Connectivity and Innovation

By ERIA CADP Research Team

Posted: November, 2015

Framing the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Post- 2015

By Ponciano Intal, Jr., Venkatachalam Anbumozhi, Fauziah Zen, Hidetoshi Nishimura, Rully Prassetya

Posted: November, 2015

East Asian Integration (First Edition)

By Lili Yan Ing

Posted: August, 2015

The Use of FTAs in ASEAN: Survey-based Analysis

By Lili Yan Ing and Shujiro Urata

Posted: August, 2015

ASEAN PPP Guidelines

By Fauziah Zen and Michael Regan

Posted: February, 2015

ASEAN Rising: ASEAN and AEC Beyond 2015

By Ponciano Intal, Jr., Yoshifumi Fukunaga, Fukunari Kimura, Phoumin Han, Philippa Dee, Dionisius Narjoko, Sothea Oum

Posted: June, 2014

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