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The Development of Regulatory Management Systems in East Asia: Deconstruction, Insights, and Fostering ASEAN's Quiet Revolution

By Ponciano Intal, Jr. and Derek Gill

Posted: July 2016


As H.E. Deputy Minister Rizal Lukman of Indonesia said in 2015: 'The emergence of the ASEAN Economic Community is putting the pressure on each ASEAN Member State (AMS) to accelerate the bureaucratic, administrative and regulatory reforms needed to ensure its competitiveness both in Southeast Asia and globally...Developing good regulatory practices and regulatory coherence both at the border and within the individual country is essential to generate significant growth that is inclusive and equally distributed.' Towards this end, this volume examines the role of regulatory management systems (RMSs), deconstructs the evolution of the RMS in selected Asia-Pacific countries, determine the RMS elements that give most value, and draws lessons and insights in the use of RMS. The volume concludes by presenting recommendations for improving the regulatory coherence in each AMS and for fostering ASEAN's Quiet Revolution of Good Regulatory Practice.

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Foreword from Ministry of International Trade and Industry Malaysia

Foreword from Minister of Trade of New Zealand

Foreword from Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia


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Chapter 1. The Importance of Investing in Good Regulatory Practice, Responsive Regulations, and a Well-Performing Regulatory Management System

Chapter 2. What Are Good Regulatory Practice, Responsive Regulation, and a Well-Performing Regulatory Management System?

Chapter 3. The Regulatory Management System in Selected East Asia Summit Countries

Chapter 4. Deconstructing Regulatory Management

Chapter 5. Patterns, Insights, and Lessons in the Use of Regulatory Management System

Chapter 6. Key Recommendations Fostering ASEAN's Quiet Revolution and Concluding Remarks

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