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Lao PDR at the Crossroads: Industrial Development Strategies 2016-2030

By Hidetoshi Nishimura, Fukunari Kimura, Masahito Ambashi and Souknilanh Keola

Posted: June 2016


Lao PDR at the Crossroads: Industrial Development Strategies 2016-2030 sets out comprehensive and unique industrial development strategies for Lao PDR with an eye on the mid- to long-term future. This study includes concrete recommendations that are likely to contribute to the further development and growth of the country. More specifically, the ultimate objective of this study is to pose policy measures that can turn the weakness of Lao PDR (i.e. 'land-locked' location) into its strength (i.e. 'land-linked' location). The implementation of such policies is strongly required. In this regard, the term 'crossroads' refers to when the country needs to make a significant decision regarding its future and where it is centrally located in the Mekong region.

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Executive Summary


Chapter 1. Medium and Long-Term Development Strategies

Chapter 2. The Phasing of Development Paths

Chapter 3. Well-Coordinated Policies

Chapter 4. Immediate Issues

Chapter 5. The Development of Industrial Estates

Chapter 6. Industrial Studies

Chapter 7. Geographical Simulation Analysis

Conclusion and Recommendations


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