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Intra-industry Trade, Product Fragmentation and Technological Capability Development in Thai Automotive Industry

By Patarapong Interakumnerd and Kriengkrai Techakanont

ERIA Discussion Paper 2015-10

Posted: February, 2015

Auto and Car Parts Production: Can the Philippines Catch Up with Asia?

By Rene E. Ofreneo

ERIA Discussion Paper 2015-09

Posted: February, 2015

Host-site Support, Foreign Ownership, Regional Linkages and Technological Capabilities: Evidence from Automotive Firms in Indonesia

By Rajah Rasiah, Rafat Beigpoor Shahrivar, Abdusy Syakur Amin

ERIA Discussion Paper 2015-08

Posted: February, 2015

Industrial Upgrading in Global Production Networks: The Case of the Chinese Automotive Industry

By Yansheng Li, Xin Xin Kong, Miao Zhang

ERIA Discussion Paper 2015-07

Posted: February, 2015

Social Protection in ASEAN: Challenges and Initiatives for Post-2015 Vision

By Mukul G. Asher and Fauziah Zen

ERIA Discussion Paper 2015-06

Posted: February, 2015

Business Licensing: A Key to Investment Climate Reform

By Lili Yan Ing, Stephen Magiera

ERIA Discussion Paper 2015-05

Posted: February, 2015

Fiscal Policy and Equity in Advanced Economies: Lessons for Asia

By Gemma Estrada, James Angresano, Jo Thori Lind, Niku Määttänen, William McBride, Donghyun Park , Motohiro Sato, and Karin Svanborg-Sjövall

ERIA Discussion Paper 2015-04

Posted: January, 2015

Towards an Enabling Set of Rules of Origin for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership

By Erlinda M. Medalla

ERIA Discussion Paper 2015-03

Posted: January, 2015

Use of FTAs from Thai Experience

By Archanun Kohpaiboon and Juthathip Jongwanich

ERIA Discussion Paper 2015-02

Posted: January, 2015

Impact of Free Trade Agreements on Trade in East Asia

By Misa Okabe

ERIA Discussion Paper 2015-01

Posted: January, 2015

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