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Distributional Impacts of Climate Change and Food Security in Southeast Asia

By Srivatsan V. Raghavan , Jiang Ze, Jina Hur, Liu Jiandong, Nguyen Ngoc Son, Sun Yabin, and Liong Shie-Yui

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-41

Posted: March 2017

Competition Policy vs. Industrial Policy as a Growth Strategy

By Tatsuo Hatta

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-40

Posted: March 2017

FDI, Services Liberalisation, and Logistics Development in Cambodia

By Vannarith Chheang

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-39

Posted: March 2017

Determinants of Demand for Technology in Relationships with Complementary Assets among Japanese Firms

By Masayo Kani and Kazuyuki Motohashi

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-38

Posted: March 2017

Shipping inside the Box: Containerization and Trade

By A.Kerem Coşar and Banu Demir

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-37

Posted: March 2017

The Trade Effects of Border Controls: Evidence from the European Schengen Agreement

By Gabriel Felbermayr, Jasmin Gröschl and Thomas Steinwachs

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-36

Posted: March 2017

"Just Do Your Job": Obedience, Routine Tasks, and the Pattern of Specialization

By Filipe R. Campante and Davin Chor

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-35

Posted: March 2017

The Internationalisation of Firms and Management Practices:
A Survey of Firms in Viet Nam

By Isao Kamata, Hitoshi Sato and Kiyoyasu Tanaka

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-34

Posted: March 2017

The Automotive Value Chain in Thailand

By Ikuo Kuroiwa

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-33

Posted: March 2017

Formation of Automotive Manufacturing Clusters in Thailand

By Ikuo Kuroiwa and Kriengkrai Techakanont

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-32

Posted: February 2017

Mobility of Highly Skilled Retirees from Japan to the Republic of Korea and Taiwan

By Byeongwoo Kang, Yukihito Sato and Yasushi Ueki

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-31

Posted: February 2017

International Investment Agreements and Investor-State Disputes:
A Review and Evaluation for Indonesia

By Stephen L. Magiera

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-30

Posted: January 2017

Indonesia and China: Friends or Foes?
Quality Competition and Firm Productivity

By Lili Yan Ing, Miaojie Yu, Rui Zhang

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-29

Posted: December 2016

Analysis of Distributed Energy Systems and Implications for Electrification: The Case of ASEAN Member States

By Han Phoumin and Shigeru Kimura

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-28

Posted: December 2016

Financial Reforms in Myanmar and Japan's Engagement

By Tomoo Kikuchi and Takehiro Masumoto

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-27

Posted: November 2016

A Review on Institutional Framework, Principles, and Key Elements for Integrated Electricity Market: Implications for ASEAN

By Tsani Fauziah Rakhmah and Yanfei Li

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-26

Posted: October 2016

Optimal Trade Policy and Production Location

By Ayako Obashi

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-25

Posted: September 2016

Impact of Free Trade Agreement Utilisation on Import Prices

By Kazunobu Hayakawa, Nuttawut Laksanapanyakul, Hiroshi Mukunoki and Shujiro Urata

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-24

Posted: August 2016

Transparency in Non-tariff Measures: An International Comparison

By Lili Yan Ing, Olivier Cadot and Janine Walz

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-23

Posted: August 2016

Towards Responsive Regulatory Management Systems: Country Report for Viet Nam

By Vo Tri Thanh and Cuong Van Nguyen

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-22

Posted: July 2016

Towards a Requisite Regulatory Management System: Philippines

By Gilberto M. Llanto

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-21

Posted: July 2016

Facilitating ASEAN Trade in Goods

By Lili Yan Ing and Olivier Cadot

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-20

Posted: June 2016

Misallocation and Productivity: The Case of Vietnamese Manufacturing

By Doan Thi Thanh Ha, Kozo Kiyota and Kenta Yamanouchi

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-19

Posted: May 2016

Food Supply Chain Disruption due to Natural Disasters: Entities, Risks, and Strategies for Resilience

By Vangimalla R. Reddy, Shardendu K. Singh and Venkatachalam Anbumozhi

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-18

Posted: May 2016

Measuring Tax Administration Effectiveness and its Impact on Tax Revenue

By Arindam Das-Gupta, Gemma B. Estrada, Donghyun Park

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-17

Posted: April 2016

Regulatory Coherence: The Case of Japan

By Naohiro Yashiro

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-16

Posted: March 2016

Regulatory Coherence: The Case of the Republic of Korea

By Song June Kim and Dae Yong Choi

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-15

Posted: March 2016

Towards Responsive Regulations and Regulatory Coherence in ASEAN and East Asia: The Case of Australia

By Peter Carroll, Gregory Bounds and Rex Deighton-Smith

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-14

Posted: March 2016

Defining Regulatory Management Systems

By Derek Gill

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-13

Posted: March 2016

Regulatory Coherence: The Case of New Zealand

By Derek Gill

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-12

ERIA-NZIER-MPC Technical Paper Series on Regulatory Management, RURB, and International Regulatory Cooperation

Posted: March 2016

Demographic Change and Fiscal Sustainability in Asia

By Sang-Hyop Lee, Jungsuk Kim and Donghyun Park

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-11

Posted: March 2016

The Role of China, Japan, and Korea in Machinery Production Networks

By Ayako Obashi and Fukunari Kimura

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-10

Posted: March 2016

Deepening and Widening of Production Networks in ASEAN

By Ayako Obashi and Fukunari Kimura

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-09

Posted: March 2016

Increasing the Resilience of Asian Supply Chains to Natural Disasters: The Role of the Financial Sector

By Willem Thorbecke

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-08

Posted: February 2016

Market Concentration and Risk-Prevention Incentives: The Case of the Hard Disk Drive Industry

By Hiroyuki Nakata, Yasuyuki Sawada and Kunio Sekiguchi

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-07

Posted: February 2016

Tourism Supply Chains and Natural Disasters: The Vulnerability Challenge and Business Continuity Models for ASEAN Countries

By Meinhard Breiling

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-06

Posted: February 2016

Towards Reframing the Spirit of ASEAN Environmentalism: Insights from Japan's COHHO Experience and Studies

By Masaru Tanaka and Shigeatsu Hatakeyama

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-05

Posted: February 2016

Challenges of Indonesian Competition Law and Some Suggestions for Improvement

By Manaek SM Pasaribu

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-04

Posted: January 2016

Promoting Rural Development, Employment, and Inclusive Growth in ASEAN

By Vo Tri Thanh and Nguyen Anh Duong

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-03

Posted: January 2016

Convergence of Opportunities: Resilience and the ASEAN Community

By Venkatachalam Anbumozhi

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-02

Posted: January 2016

How Do Exports and Imports Affect the Use of Free Trade Agreements? Firm-level Survey Evidence from Southeast Asia

By Lili Yan Ing, Shujiro Urata, and Yoshifumi Fukunaga

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-01

Posted: January 2016


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