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Market Entry Barriers for FDI and Private Investors: Lessons from China's Electricity Market


ERIA Discussion Paper 2012-17

Posted: September 2012

Electricity Market Integration: Global Trends and Implications for the EAS Region

By Yanrui WU

ERIA Discussion Paper 2012-16

Posted: September 2012

Power Generation and Cross-border Grid Planning for the Integrated ASEAN Electricity Market: A Dynamic Linear Programming Model

By Youngho CHANG, Yanfei LI

ERIA Discussion Paper 2012-15

Posted: September 2012

Economic Development, Energy Market Integration and Energy Demand: Implications for East Asia

By Yu SHENG, Xunpeng SHI

ERIA Discussion Paper 2012-14

Posted: August 2012

The Relationship between Structural Change and Inequality: A Conceptual Overview with Special Reference to Developing Asia

By Joshua AIZENMAN, Minsoo LEE, Donghyun PARK

ERIA Discussion Paper 2012-13

Posted: July 2012

Growth Policy and Inequality in Developing Asia: Lesson from Korea

By Hyun-Hoon LEE, Minsoo LEE, Donghyun PARK

ERIA Discussion Paper 2012-12

Posted: July 2012

Knowledge Flows, Organization and Innovation: Firm-Level Evidence from Malaysia

By Cassey LEE

ERIA Discussion Paper 2012-11

Posted: June 2012

Globalization, Innovation and Productivity in Manufacturing Firms: A Study of Four Sectors of China

By Jacques MAIRESSE, Pierre MOHNEN, Yanyun ZHAO, Feng ZHEN

ERIA Discussion Paper 2012-10

Posted: June 2012

Globalization and Innovation in Indonesia: Evidence from Micro-Data on Medium and Large Manufacturing Establishments


ERIA Discussion Paper 2012-09

Posted: June 2012

The Link between Innovation and Export: Evidence from Australia's Small and Medium Enterprises


ERIA Discussion Paper 2012-08

Posted: June 2012

Direction of Causality in Innovation-Exporting Linkage: Evidence on Korean Manufacturing

By Chin Hee HAHN, Chang-Gyun PARK

ERIA Discussion Paper 2012-07

Posted: June 2012

Sources of Learning-by-Exporting Effects: Does Exporting Promote Innovation?

By Keiko ITO

ERIA Discussion Paper 2012-06

Posted: June 2012

Trade Reforms, Competition, and Innovation in the Philippines

By Rafaelita M. ALDABA

ERIA Discussion Paper 2012-05

Posted: June 2012

The Role of Trade Costs in FDI Strategy of Heterogeneous Firms: Evidence from Japanese Firm-level Data

By Toshiyuki MATSUURA, Kazunobu HAYAKAWA

ERIA Discussion Paper 2012-04

Posted: June 2012

How Does Country Risk Matter for Foreign Direct Investment?

By Kazunobu HAYAKAWA, Fukunari KIMURA, Hyun-Hoon LEE

ERIA Discussion Paper 2012-03

Posted: February 2012

Agglomeration and Dispersion in China and ASEAN: a Geographical Simulation Analysis

By Ikumo Isono, Satoru Kumagai, Fukunari Kimura

ERIA Discussion Paper 2012-02

Posted: February 2012

How Did the Japanese Exports Respond to Two Crises in the International Production Network?: The Global Financial Crisis and the East Japan Earthquake

By Mitsuyo ANDO, Fukunari KIMURA

ERIA Discussion Paper 2012-01

Posted: January 2012


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