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Foreign Presence Spillovers and Firms' Export Response:Evidence from the Indonesian Manufacturing

By Dionisius NARJOKO

ERIA Discussion Paper 2009-23

Posted: December 2009

Who Uses Free Trade Agreements?


ERIA Discussion Paper 2009-22

Posted: November 2009

Resiliency of Production Networks in Asia: Evidence from the Asian Crisis


ERIA Discussion Paper 2009-21

Posted: October 2009

Fragmentation in East Asia: Further Evidence

By Mitsuyo ANDO, Fukunari KIMURA

ERIA Discussion Paper 2009-20

Posted: October 2009

The Prospects for Coal: Global Experience and Implications for Energy Policy

By Xunpeng SHI

ERIA Discussion Paper 2009-19

Posted: September 2009

Income Distribution and Poverty in a CGE Framework:A Proposed Methodology

By Sothea OUM

ERIA Discussion Paper 2009-18

Posted: June 2009

ASEAN Rules of Origin:Lessons and Recommendations for Best Practice

By Erlinda M. MEDALLA, Jenny BALBOA

ERIA Discussion Paper 2009-17

Posted: June 2009

Special Economic Zones and Economic Corridors

By Masami ISHIDA

ERIA Discussion Paper 2009-16

Posted: June 2009

Border Area Development in the GMS:Turning the Periphery into the Center of Growth

By Toshihiro KUDO

ERIA Discussion Paper 2009-15

Posted: May 2009

Measuring Regulatory Restrictions in Logistics Services

By Claire HOLLWEG, Marn-Heong WONG

ERIA Discussion Paper 2009-14

Posted: May 2009

Business Views on Trade Facilitation

By Loreli C. De DIOS

ERIA Discussion Paper 2009-13

Posted: May 2009

Monitoring Trade Costs in Southeast Asia

By Patricia SOURDIN, Richard POMFRET

ERIA Discussion Paper 2009-12

Posted: April 2009

Barriers to Trade in Health and Financial Services in ASEAN

By Philippa DEE, Huong DINH

ERIA Discussion Paper 2009-11

Posted: April 2009

The Impact of the US Subprime Mortgage Crisis on the World and East Asia:Through Analyses of Cross-border Capital Movements

By Sayuri SHIRAI

ERIA Discussion Paper 2009-10

Posted: April 2009

International Production Networks and Export/Import Responsiveness to Exchange Rates: The case of Japanese Manufacturing Firms

By Mitsuyo ANDO, Akie IRIYAMA

ERIA Discussion Paper 2009-09

Posted: March 2009

Vertical and Horizontal FDI Technology Spillovers: Evidence from Thai Manufacturing


ERIA Discussion Paper 2009-08

Posted: March 2009

Gains from Fragmentation at the Firm Level:Evidence from Japanese Multinationals in East Asia

By Kazunobu HAYAKAWA, Fukunari KIMURA, Toshiyuki MATSUURA

ERIA Discussion Paper 2009-07

Posted: March 2009

Plant Entry in a More Liberalised Industrialisation Process: An Experience of Indonesian Manufacturing during the 1990s

By Dionisius A. NARJOKO

ERIA Discussion Paper 2009-06

Posted: March 2009

Firm-level Analysis of Globalization: A Survey (2009)

By Kazunobu HAYAKAWA, Fukunari KIMURA, Tomohiko MACHIKITA

ERIA Discussion Paper 2009-05

Posted: March 2009

Learning-by-exporting in Korean Manufacturing: A Plant-level Analysis

By Chin Hee HAHN, Chang-Gyun PARK

ERIA Discussion Paper 2009-04

Posted: March 2009

Stability of Production Networks in East Asia:Duration and Survival of Trade


ERIA Discussion Paper 2009-03

Posted: March 2009

The Spatial Structure of Production/Distribution Networks and Its Implication for Technology Transfers and Spillovers

By Fukunari KIMURA

ERIA Discussion Paper 2009-02

Posted: March 2009

International Production Networks: Comparison between China and ASEAN

By Fukunari KIMURA, Ayako OBASHI

ERIA Discussion Paper 2009-01

Posted: January 2009


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