Discussion Papers

Towards Responsive Regulatory Management Systems: Country Report for Viet Nam

By Vo Tri Thanh and Cuong Van Nguyen

ERIA Discussion Paper 2016-22

Posted: July 2016

This paper reviews the experiences of Viet Nam in improving its approach to regulatory management. Since 1986, Viet Nam promulgated and amended a number of laws and regulations to regulate economic activities in line with market-oriented reforms. A side effect of more laws and regulations has been the increasing compliance costs of the business community. Viet Nam then gradually introduced good regulatory practices, including regulatory impact assessment, online publication of draft, regulatory planning, etc. Numerous efforts were also sought to simplify and control administrative procedures, the most notable of which were under Project 30 since 2007 and Resolution 19 since 2014. Both Project 30 and Resolution 19 produced quick and material outcomes. Further meaningful reforms of administrative procedures depend on whether Viet Nam can build up sufficient confidence of stakeholders in the process. As the key lessons from Project 30 and Resolution 19, further improvement of regulatory management requires strong political will, involvement of relevant stakeholders, and enactment of separate bodies with a clear mandate and sufficient capacity.


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