Press Releases

30 May 2012

ERIA Organizes Capacity Building Seminar and Workshop in Cambodia towards Materializing the Phnom Penh Agenda

23 April 2012

ERIA Establishes a New Unit on Energy to Enhance Energy Security in the Region

23 April 2012

ERIA organizes international symposia in Sendai and Tokyo during the "ASEAN Road Show" in Japan

10 April 2012

ERIA's Former Economist Appointed as Deputy Secretary-General for ASEAN Economic Community

27 March 2012

CEEP-BIT and ERIA Joint Workshop on Energy & Environmental Modeling for Policy Development

22 March 2012

How to Enhance the Connectivity on BIMP-EAGA?

12 March 2012

Expansion of PPP funding in East Asian Infrastructure Projects

17 February 2012

ERIA organizes a workshop on "Implementing Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity: Enhancing Institutional Connectivity in Cambodia"

14 February 2012

ERIA Conducts the 2nd Technical Workshop on "Public Private Partnership in ASEAN Member Countries: Its Role and Expectation in Transportation, Energy, and ICT Development"

13 February 2012

2nd Technical Meeting on the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Blueprint Mid Term Review Project, Jakarta, Indonesia

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