ERIA organizes the 1st Working Group Meeting on "Study on the Strategic Usage of Coal in the EAS Region"

Updated:17 January 2013

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The workshop was held 17 January 2013 at the ERIA annex office with 8 Working Group (WG) members from the EAS region. Ultimately, the objective of this workshop is to create a technological potential map for clean coal technologies (CCT) based on quantitative analysis, which can serve as reference for policy-makers in the EAS region when implementing CCT promotion policies.

During the introductory meeting, the WG members discussed about the importance of coal as a self-sufficient, cost-effective energy resource in the EAS region, and the anticipated quantitative economic benefits of CCT introduction, such as minimized capital outflow, environmental impact reduction, and job creation. Furthermore, the required contents of the technological potential map for CCT dissemination were discussed.

The first working group meeting was highly appreciated, and the next meeting will be held 17 May 2013. In the ongoing study, including the proposed study for the next fiscal year, a more detailed technological potential map, including analysis of current coal policies and challenges of CCT introduction in the WG member countries, categorization of member countries in accordance with their respective stage of economic development, cost- and cost-benefit analysis of CCT introduction, will be formulated.

To download the Press Release, please click on the following PDF file:

The 1st Working Group Meeting on "Study on the Strategic Usage of Coal in the EAS Region".pdf

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