News: October 2016 - December 2016

21 December 2016

ERIA and AIPA Sign MoU to Support ASEAN Parliamentary Members

09 December 2016

ERIA Jointly Organises the Brunei Halal Business Seminar in Tokyo

09 December 2016

President of ERIA Delivers Keynote Lecture at the 6th International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environment

06 December 2016

ERIA CADP Research Team Conducts Site Visits in Cambodia

06 December 2016

ERIA Research Team Meets with Cambodian Minister to Discuss CADP 2.0 and IDP

06 December 2016

President of ERIA Gives Keynote Speech at the 5th LNG Producer-Consumer Conference

30 November 2016

Activating Institutional Investors for Sustainable Infrastructure Finance in Asia

21 November 2016

Ajit Ranade Appointed as ERIA Governing Board Member

14 November 2016

Prof Yamanaka Talks on Women's Role in Reducing Tsunami-based Disaster Risks

10 November 2016

Prof Ross Garnaut Public Lecture: Asia and the Global Response to Climate Change

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