News: January 2014 - March 2014

20 March 2014

New Ambassador of Japan to ASEAN visits Executive Director of ERIA

20 March 2014

The 2nd workshop of "The Study on FDI Policy and Performance in ASEAN Countries"

14 March 2014

ERIA updated Country Profile and Comparative Table on PPP framework in five ASEAN countries

12 March 2014

Executive Director of ERIA attends Delhi Dialogue VI

12 March 2014

ERIA's "Supply Chain Network" Seminar with Prof. Todo

06 March 2014

The Strategic Usage of Coal: Cleaner use of coal in the ASEAN & EAS region

27 February 2014

Executive Director of ERIA is invited to the Symposium on "Wakayama: the Prospective Center of Space Education and Disaster Prevention Study

21 February 2014

Philippines Energy and Infrastructure Development Seminar

20 February 2014

ERIA's Mission to ADB: ERIA and ADB Discussion on South East Asia's Sustainable Energy Future

19 February 2014

The 2nd Workshop on "Globalization and Performance of Small and Large Firms"

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