News: January 2013 - March 2013

18 March 2013

ERIA is looking for Economist / Energy Economist / Research Associate

07 March 2013

Ambassador Richard Boucher, Deputy Secretary General of OECD, visits ERIA

06 March 2013

JETRO-CSIS International Symposium on "Indonesia-Japan Relations and Economic Integration in East Asia"

06 March 2013

Visit of H.E. Dr. Alan Bollard, the Executive Director of APEC

05 March 2013

BBL Seminar hosted by RIETI

05 March 2013

Meeting with Mr. Hiroyuki Fukano, Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office

05 March 2013

Meiji Institute for Global Affairs Symposium ll

28 February 2013

Second Working Group on Standard Distribution Infrastructure in the East-Asia Region in the Field of Consumer Goods Distribution for Retailers/Wholesalers

25 February 2013

Second Workshop on "Regional Production Chains, Host-site Institutions and Technological Upgrading: Evidence from Automotives, Clothing, and Semiconductors in Southeast Asia and China"

22 February 2013

Delhi Dialogue Ⅴ "India-ASEAN Security Cooperation: Towards Peace and Stability"

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