ERIA/JENESYS Next Leaders Program 2009/2010


In order to nurture strong leadership in the region for economic integration and, to bridge the gap between advanced and developing areas, it is important to improve the competency of a wide range of policy-makers, administrators and researchers. It is also crucial to nurture a new generation of global and regional policy leaders, true leaders who can analyze issues and resolve any problems from an international and regional perspective. To meet these demands, ERIA, (with the support from ASEAN Secretariat and Japanese Government), commenced the ERIA/JENESYS Next Leaders Program which aims to provide a scholarship in some of the highest ranked graduate Universities in Japan, for those who have ambitions to become future leaders in East Asia and ASEAN.


2009August 27th-29thERIA/JENESYS Orientation Program (Jakarta)
SeptemberEntrance Ceremony (APU, Waseda),
Fall Semester started (APU, Waseda)
OctoberEntrance Ceremony (GRIPS),
Fall Semester started (GRIPS)
2010AprilSpring Semester starts (GRIPS, APU, Waseda)
July 4thERIA Regional Network Forum (Nara, Japan)
August 24th - September 7thERIA/JENESYS Internship Program (Jakarta)
SeptemberGraduation Ceremony (GRIPS, APU)
Spring Semester ended(APU, Waseda)


Graduate schoolName
GRIPSMr. PENH Sokharath
Mr. OROSA T. J. Catindig
Ms. CHEA Ryda
Mr. TAN Kim Huat
APUMs. GALAU Ja Nan Bawk

ERIA/JENESYS Orientation Program

0703-04_2010 ERIA Nara Forum 006.jpg

Before the entrance ceremony and the start of the first semester for 2009 in Japan, ERIA held an orientation program for the students of ERIA/JENESYS Next Leaders Program in Jakarta Indonesia from on August 27th until August 29th. All the students successfully attended this program.
This orientation program was designed to make the students understand; (1) why Economic Integration in East Asia is needed and how ERIA could make a great contribution to help achieve this. 2) To inform them that the main source of the scholarship came from the very close relationship between ASEAN and Japanese Governments which came under the name Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF); and 3), to emphasize to the students that they could make a great contribution to the regional effort towards economic integration in ASEAN member states as well as become the next future leaders of these member states.
As a part of the program, Dr. Fukunari Kimura, Chief Economist of ERIA gave a lecture about "Developing strategies for developing East Asia" by showing the cases of the East Asian Industrial Corridor projects and explaining how these corridor projects can be a pathway to attaining not only economic integration but also helping to narrow the economic development gaps In ASEAN member states. Following this lecture and also the presentation by Mr. Bala Kumar Palaniappan, (Head of External Relations of ASEAN secretariat), which talked about the Development of ASEAN and the fascination with working in an international organization, the students were visibly stimulated by these lectures and it helped them to choose their preferred research programs in the universities they had been accepted into.
As a part of ERIA/JENESYS Next Leaders Program, all the students attended the ERIA Regional Network Forum on July 4th 2010 in Nara, Japan. This Forum was organized by ERIA and the Nara Prefectural Government Office as a part of a number of major events that commemorated the 1,300th anniversary establishment of ancient capital Japan which is called "Heijo-Kyo", located in the city of Nara; around 300 people attended the Forum. The Forum was also a good occasion for the students to meet H.E. Dr. Surin Pitsuwan, as His Excellency is a strong role model who can help the students shape their vision and drive their actions to help contribute greatly to the region.

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